• Restauracja Sławkowska 1
  • Restauracja Sławkowska 1
  • Restauracja Sławkowska 1
  • Restauracja Sławkowska 1
  • Restauracja Sławkowska 1

Our restaurant was created for those, who love meat. We specialize in juicy steaks, ribs and delicacies inspired by polish cuisine. Prestigious location in the heart of Cracow, by the Market Square is a perfect spot on city's culinary map. Find out what is the taste of the highest quality polish beef. We offer also a great choice of wines from around the world and beers from local breweries.
Dishes quality and menu are kept over by Jan Kościuszko, founder of famous Chłopskie Jadło restaurant chain.

We invite you to organize dinner parties or business meetings, we provide a VIP room for 8 persons, climatic basement for 40 persons and an upper hall, which can hold up to 60 persons.

Example proposals from our menu. Full menu is available to download as .pdf file.

Benedictine Steak
beef sirloin served with egg,
grilled bacon and roasted potato

Steak a la Parma
grilled beef sirloin served
with a slice of seasoned Parma ham, tomato salsa, chilli peppers
and rosemary potatoes

"Brasiliana" Steak
beef sirloin served with grilled
pineapple slices and roasted batata
or french fries

Strawberry Steak
grilled beef sirloin
poured with black Piedmontese Aceto, served with sweet strawberries,
rucola, hot peppers
and roasted batata or french fries

Our famous ribs
- in honey and hot pepper
- Jack Daniel's
- roasted in cayenne pepper
- roasted in roman cumin

veal chop with fried egg,
served with home-made french fries and salad or new potatoes, green peas and carrot laid on lettuce

Polish Plate
where You can find a composition
of our mini delicacies like: potato pancakes with goulash, dumplings, pork chop, cabbage roll, krupniok, polish bigos, white sausage and roasted potato. The dish is recommended for one person.

Fisherman's pot
dish made on the basis of fish decoction with addition of shrimps, mussels, calamari and hot tomato salsa, served with french baguette


Sławkowska 1 Restaurant
ul. Sławkowska 1

31-014 Kraków, Poland
Open from 12:00 to 24:00

+48 12 422 51 41,
+48 518 605 805

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